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Organic Grains

In 2011, we launched the trading department for organic cereals under the brand Mauthner. Our motto is “safety and quality”, both of which are essential for organic cereals.

We offer our suppliers assured purchase and marketing of their organic cereals.

We offer our customers safe and high-quality organic certified agricultural products from the best arable regions of Austria and its neighbouring countries, whose origin can be traced back to the organic farmer via our traceability system Bio-Stock Manager. All our organic storages are integrated into this system in order to guarantee the best transparency and product safety possible.

Grain quality begins with the seeds. The varieties and organic seeds of Probstdorfer Saatzucht have long played a pioneering role in seeds and enable us to market top-quality organic raw materials.

Find out more at www.mauthner-bio.at

Our location:

Office Vienna

  • Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna
  • +43 1 51532-0
  • office@mauthner.co.at
  • +43 1 51532-248

Contact persons:

Birgit Langer

Head of Mauthner Organic, Trade
+43 1 51532-315

DI Thomas Öhlinger

+43 1 51532-316

Matthias Primus

+43 1 51532-312