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Donau Saat


In 2014, Probstdorf Saatzucht and Saatbau Linz took over a breeding program for sunflowers in Romania and re-named it Donau Saat.

The breeding program includes sunflower hybrids for the European, as well as for Ukrainian, Russian and Serbian markets. These sunflower hybrids are developed according to traditional methods and meet the demands of today’s market, as well as specific herbicide resistance requirements.

In addition, Donau Saat markets in Romania a selected portfolio of cereal, corn and oil seed varieties from its two partners shareholders.

Find out more at www.donausaat.com

Our location:

Head Office & Sales

  • Jean Monnet Straße 35, Bl. 35, 1. Stock, 011956 Bukarest
  • +40 438 1681
  • office@donau-saat.com
  • +40 438 1684

Contact persons:

Constantin Radu

+40 31 438 1681

Ana Wagerer-Olteanu

Romania Seed Coordination
+43 664 4110187