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Saatzucht Donau

In 2000, Probstdorf Saatzucht and Saatbau Linz merged their breeding programs and founded Saatzucht Donau as a joint subsidiary. This move substantially strengthened Austrian seed breeding.

Saatzucht Donau operates two breeding stations in Probstdorf (Lower Austria) and in Reichersberg am Inn (Upper Austria). Furthermore, strategic partnerships have been established with seed breeders in Germany and France. The varieties bred and developed by Saatzucht Donau are divided between Probstdorfer Saatzucht and Saatbau Linz to be marketed independently of one another.

Saatzucht Donau develops and cultivates high-quality, healthy, locally-adapted and high-yielding varieties of grains, oil and protein crops using state-of-the-art breeding technologies.

Find out more at www.saatzucht-donau.at

Contact person:

DI Johann Birschitzky

+43 2215 2481-30

Our locations:

Breeding station Probstdorf

  • Saatzuchtstraße 11, 2301 Probstdorf
  • +43 2215 2481-0
  • office.probstdorf@saatzucht-donau.at
  • +43 2215 2481-39

Breeding station Reichersberg

  • Reichersberg 86, 4981 Reichersberg / Inn
  • +43 7758 4001-0
  • office.reichersberg@saatzucht-donau.at
  • +43 7758 4001-20