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Plant Protection & Fertilizers

Our company has many years of experience in the wholesale trade of plant protection and fertilisers.

Plant protection:

We offer an extensive product range with attractive pricing and competent expert advice. Through regular exchange with the chemical industry, we are able to keep our customers informed on the latest product and market developments. Deliveries are carried out quickly and safely by our logistic partner LLT Gefahrgut-Logistik.

Plant protection products are hazardous goods. In addition to their expertise, our employees have the necessary professional qualifications for handling pesticides and regularly check their approvals.

For organic farmers, we offer a wide range of organic products, all of which are listed in the InfoXgen catalogue.


Fertiliser trading is carried out from our office in Graz. We work together with well-known industry partners in order to create a range for our customers that is both needs-oriented and competitive. We set ourselves high quality standards in the fertiliser business too and thus ensure the greatest possible product safety.

Our locations:

Office Vienna

  • Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna
  • +43 1 51532-0
  • office@mauthner.co.at
  • +43 1 51532-248

Office Graz

  • Liebenauer Hauptstraße 34, 8041 Graz
  • +43 316 583191
  • graz@mauthner.co.at
  • +43 316 583191-33

Contact persons:

Michaela Kryeziu

Trade in Plant Protection
+43 1 51532-326

Herbert Gruber

Head of Trading Fertilizers, Grain & Animal Feed Austria
+43 316 583191-615

DI Michael Lehrner

Trade in Plant Protection
+43 1 51532-325

Andrea Manhart

Trade in Plant Protection
+43 1 51532-327