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Adapting to Change

Adapting to change – since its foundation, the Mauthner Group has been steadily developing, as well as opening up new business areas and markets.

What remains constant is our efforts to be a reliable partner for customers and suppliers.

1946: Founding

Businessman Fritz Mauthner opens a commercial enterprise for foodstuffs and agricultural resources. From the beginning, the dualism of regional business and international trade was distinctive: regional trade partners as well as international contacts for import and export.

Ever since the foundation, Helmut Nussbaumer, brother-in-law of Fritz Mauthner, has been at the founder’s side as congenial financial director. He guided and shaped the company until his death in 2007.

1946-1970: Time of Imports

Austria is reliant on imports of raw materials and foodstuffs. Fritz Mauthner does not shy away from borders to the east or west and makes a significant contribution to supplying the country.


Acquisition of the company headquarters located at Parkring in Central Vienna.

1968: Acquisition of Probstdorfer Saatzucht

Over the decades, Mauthner has developed Probstdorfer Saatzucht into a leading research and production company for cereal seeds. To this day, Probstdorfer is a valued label for seed quality.

1977: Intensified involvement in agriculture

Acquisition of the agricultural farm Salmhof in Marchegg (Lower Austria).

1970-1995: Time of Exports

The high productivity of Austria’s agriculture makes it an export country. Mauthner exports cereals and sugar to many European countries.


After the death of the company’s founder, his daughters Maria Gohn-Mauthner and Elisabeth Gürtler-Mauthner take over and restructure his formerly sole proprietorship into a group of companies.

1990: Acquisition of HESA-Saatengroßhandlung

The Mauthner Group intensifies the involvement in seeds with the acquisition of HESA Saatengroßhandlung (HESA seed wholesaler) and establishes a new business location in Himberg.

Michael Gohn joins the family business and becomes managing director of Probstdorfer Saatzucht.


Mit dem EU-Beitritt ändert sich Österreichs Agrarwirtschaft wesentlich und damit auch die Funktion von Mauthner als Importeur und Exporteur.

2000 - Year of change

The Mauthner Group expands into Hungary and takes over Karintia Kft. in Hungary.

Together with its competitor Saatbau Linz, Probstdorfer Saatzucht founds Saatzucht Donau as a joint breeding company. In the following years, it develops into a Europe-wide renowned breeder of cereals, rapeseed and soya beans.


Foundation of Probstdorfer Saatzucht Romania in Romania with its own seed multiplication and processing plant.


Mag. Felix Gohn joins the company as the 3rd generation of the proprietor’s family.


With Mauthner Bio, Mauthner establishes a commercial department for the focused marketing of organic cereals.


Together with European partners, Mauthner founds the company ATE, specialised in malting barley trade. In the following years, Mauthner acquires all the company shares.

Mauthner acquires the storage facility and feedstock plant “Hofer Agrarhandel” in Eggendorf near Wiener Neustadt.


All company shares are transferred to the Gohn family and Verena Schimka-Gohn also joins the company.


The next move abroad is to Croatia. Like its Austrian and Hungarian counterparts, the subsidiary Mauthner d.o.o. establishes itself as a proven partner for Croatian farmers in the supply of seeds and agricultural inputs as well as efficient marketing of their harvest products. In 2019, Mauthner d.o.o. acquires a storage facility in Koprivnica.


Foundation of “Saatbau Probstdorfer Ukraine TOV” – a joint subsidiary of Probstdorfer Saatzucht and Saatbau Linz.

Fritz Mauthner

Fritz Mauthner


Helmut Nussbaumer

Probstdorfer Saatzucht

Probstdorfer Saatzucht 2013

Maria Gohn

Dr. Maria Gohn-Mauthner


Dr. Michael Gohn


Mag. Felix Gohn

Hofer Eggendorf

Hofer Agrarhandel in Eggendorf


Dr. Verena Schimka-Gohn